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"Justice" On Trial:
The Movie


Two civil rights attorneys sue the U.S. Department of Justice for reparations and damages done to African Americans while bringing back time-traveler witnesses to testify.


The evidence is then given to a mixed-cultural jury, to deliberate. 

Learn more about the film and cast below.

The movie will feature various actors including, Dr. Chad Lawson Cooper, Alicia Robinson Cooper, and Dorien Wilson. The film also includes actor Todd Bridges.

Actor Dorian Wilson and other characters from Justice on Trial, aim to bring more awareness to the importance of the film.

Watch the official Justice On Trial trailer below.


Todd Bridges

Starring as "Attorney Black"

Dorien Wilson

Starring as "Professor Boomer"

David Arquilla

Starring as "Attorney Hong"


Alicia Robinson Cooper

Starring as "Harriet Tubman"

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